Domestic Violence

San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyers Attorney

Laurence Haines represents victims of domestic violence as well as those accused of committing domestic violence.

Are You the Victim of Domestic Violence?

Please contact us immediately if a member of your household or someone you have a dating relationship with has physically harmed you or is threatened to cause you physical harm. We can immediately petition the court for a restraining order that will remove that person from the home and prevent him or her from coming near you, calling you, contacting you, or coming anywhere near you wherever you might be.

Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

Sadly, false accusations of domestic violence or spousal abuse are common techniques for gaining advantage in divorce and other family law disputes.

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, we can represent you in the restraining order hearing in family court. It is imperative to be represented by an attorney at this hearing to protect your constitutional rights. Without legal representation, anything you say can be used against you in your criminal case. Standing alone, without counsel is a recipe for disaster as, of course, you will want to tell your side of the story. Unfortunately, telling your side of the story will often give the police, the District Attorney and the prosecuting team lots of ammunition that will be used against you. Moreover, without counsel, it is very likely that you will have a restraining order issued against you. Domestic Violence is not only a crime, it is a politically sensitive issue where the system almost always comes down HARD on those arrested for Domestic Violence.

Once a restraining order is taken out against you, you cannot go home — not even to retrieve your clothes or other personal belongings. It gets worse. Rest assured, you will not be treated equally in any upcoming divorce and child custody issues.

Lifelong consequences

If convicted of a domestic violence charge, there are lasting consequences: jail time, stiff fees and penalties, loss of your job, career or professional license, a criminal record that will keep you from getting any good jobs in the future. You will not be able to own or carry a firearm, enlist in the military, obtain many student loans, or enroll in some graduate school programs. If you are required to carry a gun for your career: law enforcement, military, private security you can say goodbye – the laws make no exceptions! Lawyers, Doctors, CPA’s Contractors, Realtors, Hair Dressers and other professionals can and often do lose their professional licenses. You need a lawyer to prevent being convicted of Domestic Violence at all costs.

HainesLaw has successfully defended clients who were falsely accused of domestic violence. If the charges are solid, but there are extenuating circumstances, a good lawyer can often get the charges reduced to charges that don’t carry the weight. penalties and consequences of a Domestic Violence Charge. Don’t take chances with your future. Contact us today for quality legal representation.

You can receive financial compensation from your attacker. If you were injured by a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, most likely you incurred medical bills and time off of work. You definitely have pain and suffering.

You can strike back —in a more civilized and appropriate manner— by filing a civil lawsuit against them. The standard of proof is much lower in a civil lawsuit compared to the criminal justice system. Most intentional acts in California allow for punitive damages in addition to reimbursing you for all damages you suffered.

A civil judgment for an intentional act is generally non-dischargable in bankruptcy and a civil judgment is good for 10 years or more.

Please contact us immediately if you have incurred injuries from domestic violence to discuss filing a lawsuit in civil court to recover money for your injuries. Most cases are taken on a contingency basis.